aili contini-field

designer & front-end web developer

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close your eyes and visualize a 1990s-era animated gif of a construction worker. you know the one.

now open your eyes. trust me, nothing you just imagined could possibly be as amazing as this.

mind sufficiently blown? good. i’ll help you pick up the pieces.

my complete portfolio

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Type specimen for a 'Humanistic' font family. 15x10 in. Concept: Brochure cover for a themed garden featuring native Japanese flora and fauna inside a larger botanical park in Boylston, MA. 8x8 in. Concept: Series of 18x24 in. event posters. Concept: Logo and stationery for a local charitable organization. Concept: Cookbook cover. Process included set design and art direction of photographers. 9x11 in. Concept: Cookbook interior spread. Process included set design and art direction of photographers. 18x11 in. spread. Concept: Series of postcards advertising vacation opportunities within the United States. 7x5 in. Concept: Brochure for an all-ages art museum in Amherst, MA. 5x7 in. Two-color T-shirt design for the Arnold Arboretum's annual festival, Lilac Sunday, which features tours of the lilac gardens, dance performances, picnicking, and other family-friendly activities. Scalable vector graphic. Concept: Paperback book cover. 5x7x1/2 in. Poster series advertising an Iron Chef-style competition between local chefs with ginger as the key ingredient. Process included set design and art direction of photographers. 17x11 in. Concept: Marketing campaign for a charitable organization on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Elements include a magazine spread, postcard mailer, and discount card.

These projects are in various stages of completion:

Homepage redesign for PSD Prototype and partially-coded page

Fun with Javascript: Birthday Quiz

Educational minisite built in Flash CS5: The Solar System

Site for a Small Business: Akbar & Jeff’s Quinoa Hut

my complete resumé


Local, artisanal, hand-coded W3C-valid HTML/XHTML with attention to accessability, cross-browser compatibility, and graceful degradation && Producing web-appropriate creative media && Site architecture and online file management for web publication && Site management with WYSIWYG CMS interfaces (WordPress, Tumblr) or FTP

Languages: HTML/XHTML + CSS (including HTML5 and CSS3), Javascript with jQuery, Flash/Actionscript 3; some experience with server-side scripting with Apache; currently learning PHP through the Boston PHP Meetup’s “PHP Percolate!” self-study group

Apps: Comfortable in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash CS5; some experience with Fireworks; BBEdit/TextWrangler, Notepad++, Dreamweaver


Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) at Boston University, Waltham, MA
Certificate in Graphic and Web Design expected May 2011

Harvard Extension School, Cambridge, MA
Various classes, 2004–2007, in the areas of web design, economics, and international relations

Brown University, Providence, RI
A.B. History, 2002; GPA in major: 3.9/4.0, overall: 3.7/4.0


The New England Journal of Medicine, Boston, MA

Web Production Specialist, 2007–2010
Produced the NEJM homepage and numerous supplemental pages according to tight production timelines && Managed website using a proprietary CMS, FTP, and WordPress && Edited and processed audiovisual content (Flash presentations, podcasts) for web or iTunes publication && Proofed RSS feed XML and email campaign content

Senior Editorial Assistant, 2003–2007
Coordinated between authors, editors, and reviewers for all aspects of peer review and revision && Managed two review series && Responded to queries from readers, authors, and the public

Manuscript Assistant, 2002–2003
Processed all incoming articles submitted for consideration for publication && Wrote content for and collaborated on site redesign of the NEJM Author Center && Trained colleagues in the use of the online submission website and associated proprietary software

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